Global hacker epidemic on digital age like Covid 19 virus ; Vulnerable on weak internet security

computer security

After the corona pandemic, the most important thing in the internet age is security. In particular, the Internet security of each household is becoming more and more important. As many people around the world start working from home, the Internet security of their homes is being indiscriminately threatened by hackers, and the attacks of hackers are very vulnerable in homes that do not benefit from the company’s Internet security system.

Now, the Internet security problem is approaching not only for corporations and public institutions, but also for each household. Because the Internet is all connected, hackers can easily enter through places where Internet security is weak, and once the first defense is breached, the second defense is relatively easy to break through.

Year 2021 has reached the new golden age of digital, because of Corona virus, the human contact is involuntarily banned but a contactless via internet, and almost all modern materials are now stored and managed as digital data rather than printed on paper. The reasons are cost savings and fast data proximity. Not only businesses, but almost all individuals need to manage, store, and maintain terabytes of data, including photos, documents, and videos. Otherwise, all data may be lost at any moment.

The biggest of these challenge is that the computer will be “hacked”. Hackers, in these days are obsessed with stealing Bitcoin, constantly scanning, attacking, and planting malicious code in places where computer security is weak here and there. Frequently, Hackers send a nude picture of a pretty woman to an email so that their prey is easily caught by curiosity, and if they click the attachment in the email for a moment, the computer is instantly shut down, and it is easily caught by the ransomware attack. Computer security not only exploits the security of the machine itself, but also exploits the weak psychology of the people who operate computer networks in an instant. For more about anti-hacking consultation, please call us, 510-684-7207 (Daniel)